Here at Dental Pods our dentists are passionate about their work and we only use the best materials and reputable laboratories to ensure we create life-like restorations and excellent cosmetic dentistry results. We hope that price will not be the only criteria in choosing your dentist, however, we recognise that it is an important factor. That’s why our prices are highly competitive  when compared to other private dental practices.

Our prices are set out below:


New Patient Examination

This includes a full comprehensive dental examination (including 2 small X-Rays) and treatment plan

Child (aged 0-12)£25.00
Child (aged 13 – 17)£35.00

Routine Check-ups for Existing Patients

This includes a full comprehensive dental examination (including 1 small X-Ray) and treatment plan

Child (aged 0-12)£20.00 (with accompanying adult receiving treatment)
Child (aged 13 – 17)£32.00 (with accompanying adult receiving treatment)

Inspection Appointment 

A one-off visit, which may be due to an emergency or to consider a form of treatment. Treatment not included.

Adult£55.00  Inspection including 1 small X-ray and prescription if necessary
Child (aged 0-12)£55.00  Inspection including 1 small X-ray and prescription if necessary
Child (aged 13 – 17)£55.00  Inspection including 1 small X-ray and prescription if necessary
RCT (root canal treatment first stage)FROM £200.00
Crown recementFROM £54.00



Ultrasonic cleaning supra gingival£45.00  (per session)
Ultrasonic cleaning sub gingival£89.00 (per session)


Sports Mouth ShieldFROM £65
Bite Raiser/Night GuardFROM £120.00
– removable (per arch)FROM £87.00
– fixed bonded (per arch)FROM £117.00
Wisdom tooth lowerFROM £275.00 
Wisdom tooth upperFROM £175.00
Extraction molarFROM £165.00 
Extraction pre molarFROM £145.00
Extraction incisorFROM £125.00
Restorations (Fillings)FROM £90.00 (One area)
FROM £110  (Two areas)
FROM £120 (Three areas)
Tooth bondingFROM £180  (Covering all areas)
Denture repairs(Subject to Examination)
Acrylic Partial Denture  (1 or 2 teeth)FROM £325.00
Acrylic Partial Denture  (3+ teeth)FROM £590.00
Cobalt Chrome Partial DentureFROM £950.00
Partial Flexible DentureFROM £975.00
Full Acrylic (per arch)FROM £750.00
Addition of Soft Lining (per arch)
In surgeryFROM £98.00
Addition of ClaspFROM £74.00
Tooth AdditionFROM £74.00
RelineFROM £149.00
RepairSubject to consultation


Root Canal (first stage)FROM £150.00
Root canal (second stage)FROM £280.00
Dental Implants
– Initial consultation and individual treatment proposal£90.00
– CT Scan (existing patient)£150.00
– Panoramic X-Ray  £55.00
– Cost of implantsFROM £1,800.00 per implant


Please ask the receptionist to provide you with information. Leaflets are available at the desk.

FROM £165.00  (one area only this is normally used for root canal treatment or around one tooth.)
FROM £499.00  (One session. Full mouth)
FROM £399.00  (Second session. Full mouth as part of three sessions.)
FROM £299.00  (Third session. Full mouth as part of three sessions.)
Perio Chip£35 per chip

one or more may be needed in that case the dentist will advise prior to the treatment. Usually perio-chip is combined with laser treatment.

Perio Pack£66.00
Implant Pack£66.00
Initial consultation fee and individual treatment proposal£150
– Inman AlignerFROM 1700 per arch
Clear AlignersFROM £1844 per arch
– Clear Fixed BracesFROM £1822 per arch
– Upper & Lower AlignmentFROM £3010
– Removable retainersFROM £87 per arch
– Fixed Bonded RetainerFROM £117 per arch


Teeth whitening£399.00 (fixed price)
£250.00 (fixed price with existing trays)
E.Max Ceramic Crown  FROM £625.00
Zirconia CrownFROM £615.00
Full Gold CrownFROM £634.00
Bridge-Porcelain to metal bondedFROM £590.00 per unit
Zirconia BridgeFROM £615.00 per unit
E.Max BridgeFROM £625.00 per unit
Adhesive Bridge

with metal wind replacing one tooth

FROM £820.00
Composite VeneerFROM £320.00

Our charges can vary due to the complexity of the problem, the locality and the quality of the materials used.  Some techniques we utilise are more expensive than others.  We will always provide you with a range of treatment options and provide you with a cost, so that you can make an informed decision about the appropriate course of treatment for you. Following your appointment, we will prepare a written treatment plan which will explain your treatment options. This is reviewed at each appointment, should you decide to proceed with ongoing treatment.  If there is a change to the treatment plan this will be agreed with you in advance.

Payment Terms

Payment is due on the day of each appointment.  We accept payment by debit and credit card (excluding American Express), cheque or cash. Subject to eligibility, we are also able to offer finance options for more expensive treatments.