We offer the full spectrum of general dental treatments for all of the family. Whether you are looking for a family dentist or local dentist in Peterborough, Dental Pods is the perfect solution.

Children’s Dental Services

With a sensible approach to tooth brushing and diet, children can maintain a set of teeth free from dental disease.

Regular check ups allow your child to feel confident at the dentist and be involved and interested in the health of their teeth. We believe that by helping your family with preventative care and by using the most up-to-date preventative dental techniques you can watch your children grow up without cavities and fillings.

If a young person does eventually need some dental treatment, we will guide them through even quite complex treatment without any discomfort or loss of confidence.

We would recommend that children begin coming to visit the dentist from the age of two upwards.


At the appropriate stage of development crooked teeth can be straightened with modern efficient braces. We will diagnose and treat your child’s crooked teeth using the most up to date orthodontic braces. Many adults who missed out on orthodontic treatment are also benefiting from the modern techniques which now available. You are never too old to have your teeth straightened!


Our approach to preventative care for growing children, combined with a supportive family, helps your children to reach their teens with a close to perfect set of teeth. The dentists, orthodontist and hygienists work hard to encourage teenagers to maintain healthy mouths and a daily dental routine.

Facilities for Elderly and Disabled Patients

We offer our disabled and elderly patients easy access to our facilities. We are based in close proximity to off street parking, which includes disabled parking facilities. We have a ground floor surgery and a disabled toilet which enables us to meet all of our patients’ needs.