At Dental Pods we are always looking at advancing the treatments we are able to offer our patients. We are one of only a few dentists in the region to use laser treatments.

Laser treatments are common in the United States and are the ideal tool for treating advanced gum disease.

The Benefits for Patients

  • It eliminates the disease providing faster healing times reducing the risks of infection,
  • Completely painless, Creating less bleeding.
  • Creating less postoperative pain.
  • No injections are required.

How does it work?

The laser generates a beam of concentrated light bringing energy into your mouth to help remove areas of infection as it destroys many bacteria and viruses found in the mouth.The laser is highly effective at killing bacteria and reducing the pain in the gum, bone and muscles around the sore gum.

Our laser also introduces a Pulse setting that delivers pulses to the tissue as short as one ten-millionth of a second, resulting in improved patient comfort, less damage to surrounding tissues, and better healing. With our laser, patient comfort is a reality. When treatment with Our Laser is combined with Good Effective maintenance then the results are excellent. Treatment of infected and/or Impacted Wisdom Teeth We use our laser to reduce and even eliminate the pain associated with Infected or sore wisdom teeth. 

The laser improves blood flow and accelerates healing, reducing post operative discomfort. The results are almost instantaneous and involve no injects and is therefore very suited to nervous patients and those who can’t have an injection. Most treatment carried out inside your mouth can be carried out using a laser as it has the benefit of minimising bleeding and pain during and after the procedure. Traditional scalpel and sutures cause more tissue injury, pain, swelling and bleeding.

What patients say

We are increasingly seeing patients coming from other dental practices with sore gums associated with previously extracted teeth or around teeth that have been referred to the hospital for extraction. They come to us because their own dentists have exhausted all the basic options. We offer MORE!! 

The two comments we hear the most when patients have undergone laser treatments are “I did not feel anything except a warm sensation” and “The pain went almost as soon as you started”.

What difficulties the laser treats

  • Our Laser is a painless and effective addition to the traditional method of surgically treating wisdom teeth.
  • It is usually combined with other treatments that cause a reduction in infection and/or pain: Antibiotics Good Oral Hygiene Antibacterial Mouthwashes Antibacterial Gels Perhaps Extraction Removal of the sore/infected gum.
  • The laser is highly effective at killing bacteria and reducing the pain in the gum, bone and muscles around the wisdom tooth site It is usually combined with other treatments that cause a reduction in infection of an impacted wisdom tooth: We are always looking for more effective and easier and less traumatic ways to treat the pain associated with wisdom teeth.
  • Treating Cold Sores and Ulcers If you suffer from cold sores or ulcers, then by using a laser’s energy to minimise any sores developing and increasing the blood circulation and thus reducing the discomfort and pain normally associated with ulcers and cold sores. This helps improve healing in the area allowing the ulcers and the sores to heal more quickly than they would do otherwise.


The cost of our laser treatment varies depending on the nature of the treatment:

£165.00 – usually performed around one tooth or as part of root canal treatment

£499.00 – One full session of laser treatment, which can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the degree of gum disease.

If you require a second session of laser treatment the cost is an additional £399.00. Some patients will require a third session and this would cost a further £299.00. Whether a patient requires two or three sessions depends on the extent of the gum disease and their response to the treatment.

Check out the video below to find out more about laser treatments and how it works.